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2023 Recipient:
Kayli Kirkwood

Long Veterinary Clinic manager smiles with student receiving a scholarship to study veterinary medicine

2021 Recipients: 
Lillie Filger 
Eliana Walker
Andrew Johnson


2020 Recipients: 

Bekah Frazier 

Lexi Kutch

Two high school students on a poster for Kearney High school that received the Woodrow Long Scholarship

2019 Recipients: 

Madison West

Erin Bradfield

Claire Piburn

Zachary Anders 

A group of four high school students smile with scholarships
A group of students smile after receiving a scholarship to study veterinary medicine

2018 Recipients: 

Craig Muiller 

Madison Duggan 

Brooklyn Shumate 

Parker Dierkens 

2017 Recipients: 

Brandon Lee 

Rose Galetti

A high school counselor smiles with two students receiving a scholarship for veterinary medicine
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