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beautiful outdoor doggie playyard with green grass, yellow sunshades, and a blue sky

NEW Loyalty Rewards Program
Our new loyalty rewards program is now being offered to clients who use LVC for veterinary services*. Receive 20% off daycare & boarding services when you also use LVC for your regular veterinary care!

See below for price breakdowns & savings!

*Qualifications for loyalty rewards include vaccines with exam by LVC, medications and preventatives by LVC, and additional veterinary care (dentals, surgeries, etc by LVC)


Phone: 816.635.6616 Ext 2

(when calling to leave a detailed message, please leave a call back number and we'll get back to you asap!)



Daycare Drop Off/Pick up:

  • Weekdays: 7 am-6 pm

  • Saturday: 8 am-5 pm


Boarding Drop Off/Pick up: (NEW November 2023)* ​

  • Weekdays: 7:30-10:30 am drop off & pick up 

  • Saturday: 8:30-10:30 am drop off and pick up 

  • Sunday: 3:30-4:30 pm PICK UP ONLY 

(*if needing after these hours, please contact a staff member when booking your boarding or notify them via phone call to drop off or pick up after these time windows and a convenience fee will be placed on your account to pay at pick up)


Our boarding services provide safe and climate controlled kennels. We offer 3x8 runs for large dogs and 3x6 runs for smaller dogs. We offer off leash walks twice a day in our 12 foot, fenced in, spacious yards. If your pet is staying 5 nights or longer, they automatically qualify for a free bath before they go home.


Extra services that we offer with boarding are: extra walks that are 15 minutes mid day, calming (cbd) treats, KONG toy filled with peanut butter, homemade treat (ask about our recipe!), pup cup (whip cream), and cuddle time! You can also sign your pup up for doggie daycare during their boarding stay with us. We offer both a large dog daycare and a small dog daycare in our brand new small dog play area. Our daycare areas include sun shades in the summer and climate controlled playrooms year round as well as fans in our large dog playroom.

We offer several different daycare options. Full day (5+ hours), half day (under 5 hours), 2 hour, and hourly rates. We also offer discounted daycare rates with our boarding and grooming or if you purchase a daycare package of 10 days or 30 days! Swing by to chat with a staff member about getting signed up for daycare! We can give you a tour and walk you through our requirements and options.

As of January 1st, 2023, we now require deposits to hold your run space. If your stay is only for one night, it is only a one night deposit. If your stay is 2 nights or longer it is a 2 night deposit. Reservations of a month must be paid in full prior to drop off.


Allowed to bring:

  • Blanket/t-shirt

  • Own food/medication

  • Small back pack

  • Size appropriate hard toys

Not allowed to bring:

  • Crates/kennels

  • Own food bowls/water bowls

  • Stuffed toys

  • Rawhides/real bones

  • Dog bed


We require the following vaccines in order to board in our facility:*

*Vaccine records must be emailed over before time of drop off & all vaccine requirements must be met in order to board. For puppies, all distemper rounds must be done to board.


  • Kennel Cough Vaccine: 

    • Only Nobivac Intra Trac 3 or an Intranasal vaccine which includes Bordetella and Parainfluenza will be accepted and needs to be updated every 6 months. ​

  • Influenza (1st, 2nd, yearly - if booster is not given, series will be restarted!)

  • Distemper (DA2P2) (1st, 2nd, 3rd, yearly)

  • Heartworm test (ages 2+, then every 2 years)

  • Rabies (1 year puppy, 3 year adult)

  • Fecal test every 6 months. If positive, meds will be given.

In addition to the list above, dogs in our daycare program that are at least 6 months old must be spayed/neutered.
A Giardia Test every 6 months is also required for daycare. If positive for Giardia, meds will be given.


**Please note that ALL prices are subject to change at any time & a price adjustment occurred on April 1, 2024**

Our new loyalty rewards program gives 20% off boarding & daycare services for clients that also use LVC for regular veterinary care (vaccines with exam by LVC, LVC medications/preventatives, and additional LVC veterinary care).  


Feline:  (Feline boarding includes free play within the cat room daily)

  • Standard Rate: $25

  • Loyalty Rate: $21


(Basic boarding includes two walks and two feedings per day & a free bath for dogs that stay 5 nights or longer)

  • <25 lbs: 

    • Standard Rate: $25

    • Loyalty Rate: $21

  • 26-60 lbs: 

    • Standard Rate: $29​​

    • Loyalty Rate: $24

  • 61-90 lbs: 

    • Standard Rate: $34​

    • Loyalty Rate: $28

  • >91 lbs: 

    • Standard Rate: $38​

    • Loyalty Rate: $33

Boarding Extras: 

  • Extra Walk: 

    • Standard Rate: $5​

    • Loyalty Rate: $3.50

  • Belly Rub & Cuddle Time:

    • Standard Rate: $15

    • Loyalty Rate: $12

  • Daycare with Boarding: 

    • Standard Rate: ​

      • Full Day: $21​

      • Half Day: $14

      • 2 Hour: $8

    • Loyalty Rate: 

      • Full Day: $17​

      • Half Day: $12

      • 2 Hour: $6

  • Treats (see add ons section below for pricing)

  • Check out our additional add on package options below


Daycare Packages: (shortest to longest)

  • 10 Half Day Package: 

    • Standard Rate: ​$120

    • Loyalty Rate: $100

  • 30 Half Day Package: 

    • Standard Rate: ​$288

    • Loyalty Rate: $240

  • 10 Full Day Package: 

    • Standard Rate: ​$204

    • Loyalty Rate: $170

  • 30 Full Day Package: 

    • Standard Rate: ​$540

    • Loyalty Rate: $450


Individual Daycare Pricing: (shortest to longest)


  • Hourly Doggie Daycare: 

    • Standard Rate:​ $6

    • Loyalty Rate: $5

  • 2 Hours with Grooming: 

    • Standard Rate: ​$8

    • Loyalty Rate: $6

  • Half Day (less than 5 hours):

    • Standard Rate: ​$15

    • Loyalty Rate: $12

  • Half Day With Grooming: 

    • Standard Rate: $13​

    • Loyalty Rate: $10

  • Full Day (5 hours or more): 

    • Standard Rate:​ $23

    • Loyalty Rate: $19

  • Full Day with Grooming: 

    • Standard Rate:​ $18

    • Loyalty Rate: $15


"The Active Pup": $16 Standard/$14 Loyalty

Half Day Doggie Daycare 

Pup Cup 

Homemade Treat 


"The Senior Pup"- $18 Standard/$15 Loyalty

15 minute belly rub 

Extra Walk 

Pup Cup 

Homemade Treat 

"The Calming Pup"- $15 Standard/$12 Loyalty

15 Minute Belly Rub & Cuddle Time 

Calming Treats

Pup Cup 

NEW: "The Extended Stay"- $0/day

Included for dogs who stay 14 nights or more. Done daily, Sundays excluded. Free extra walk & cuddle time! 


  • Treats: 

    • Homemade Treats: ​

      • Standard Rate: $0.75​

      • Loyalty Rate: $0.60

    • Calming Treats: (Priced by # given, treats based off weight)

      • Standard Rate: ​$0.75

      • Loyalty Rate: $0.60

    • Kong: 

      • Standard Rate: ​$5

      • Loyalty Rate: $3

    • Pup Cup: 

      • Standard Rate:​ $1.50

      • Loyalty Rate: $1.20

  • Nail Trim: flat rate of $18​​​​

  • U-wash


    Bath add on to boarding or daycare, priced by weight: 

  • $20-35 (priced by small, medium, large, XL)

  • note that a free bath is 5 nights or longer only 

  • Bath and Nails combo:

  • $28-43 (priced by small, medium, large, XL)

  • Nail trim only:

  • $18

  • Daycare dogs can also inquire about a same day bath or nails, based on groomers schedule that day.


  • Medication: We charge $6/day flat rate (no loyalty price) to administer medication to an animal. 

  • Clinic Food: When boarding, we also have an additional fee if clinic food is used. There is no fee if food is brought in. We charge $1.32-$7 a day to provide clinic food depending on size (no loyalty price).

  • Boarding extra care charge: A one time charge of $10 will apply to
    dogs who are needing additional care to ensure your pet is getting all of the extra care they need.

  • Drop Off/Pick up: We now have set time windows for boarding drop off and pick up. Failure to meet these time windows will result in a convenience fee of $15/dog.

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