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last updated April 2024

Two dogs that are up for adoption in Kearney, Missouri look up at camera from a kennel




Watch out everyone...this cute dynamic duo may have been separated at first but are together again!

Meet Debbie and Ida! These girls came to Long Veterinary Clinic a week apart. Both were found at Price Chopper in Kearney on seperate days. Getting to know Debbie then Ida the staff began to notice very similar mannerisms and decided to see how they would act upon introduction. The girls had no hesitations with each other and we knew right away they were lost pals.
The girls have waited their holding period and are now up for adoption. We would love for them to find a home together. Preferably to a home with no other dogs. They do not show aggression but if they go together we want it to be safe for all, in terms of it not to be two against one when a pack order starts to be established in a new home.

The girls will be $40 adoption fee together and will include updated vaccines, heartworm test, fecal test, first heartworm prevention, first flea/tick prevention, and a few extra goodies to go home.

If you are interested in adopting these sweet girls please fill out an adoption application at the link below. Please be sure to include their names Debbie and Ida.

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