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Krista Kennedy, January 2024

Dr. Leighr is an amazing and compassionate person, his staff is wonderful and compassionate also. I had honestly lost all hope of finding a vet in Missouri that made me comfortable with taking my dogs to them. The support that the clinic gives to the local law enforcement K-9's is incredible to me. Will highly recommend. Thank you


Emily Fowler,  July 2023

Dr. Leighr is amazing. He's dedicated to his patients. His compassion and commitment are unparalleled. My critters have been under his care for over 20 years now. Thank you for all you do to keep our pets and livestock safe and healthy!


Libbi Noeller, April 2021

Dr. Leighr and his assistant came out to our home last minute to put down my hurt chihuahua this past September. They were so kind and compassionate and made the process so much easier. We also take our 2 aussies to Long and they are always treated so fabulous! 
They are all around a great vet clinic-we are lucky to have them caring for our pups!


Andrea Rasche, March 2021

Made time for us today when no one else would. Unfortunately the outcome for our elderly cat was terminal. However they were so empathic and caring. They allowed our whole family to come in a say good bye to our girl and let me sit with her while she left us. They made the whole process easier and gained a new customer in us. Thank you! 


Devota A Jones, November 2020

Had a hard to catch big dog with a huge tumor on his face. Caught him took him in the staff and Dr. Leighr were wonderful. They took great care, understood the difficulty in getting him there and they unloaded his crate out of my vehicle for me.  They called me at each step of the process. When I returned to get him they loaded him back up for me and explained his medications and they were as pleased as I was to see his tumor gone.  I can not thank them enough.  The big dog was a mistreated, starving thing when someone dumped him. Took a long time to get him to trust me. They treated him with the utmost kindness and understanding. I have had my pets there many times and never had a complaint, but to take on this for me was above and beyond. Thank you.


Arlin Pacheco, August 2020

Love this place. I’m familiar with a few vets from rescuing and each time I come here I’m impressed. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable as are the doctors. And they’re obviously busy, with the line of cars in the lot and people waiting at the window but the staff still remains grounded and patient. This well organized place not only has the service side down, they seem atop of their work as well; I was able to speak science and biology understandably to better equip myself as a puppy parent. I appreciate that extra time the doctor took with us. 
I’ll pay the buck and drive the drives but it takes unique places like this to get the great technology and diagnosis juxtaposed the articulate friendly and efficient service. 
It’s a vulnerable position to be in when your dog is injured and making the right choice can be an anxious decision but rest easy with this place. 
My Nala is a happy healthy dog and continues her recovery back to being so once again, thanks to Long Vet, Dr Leighr, and their great staff. 


Jasper & Anna Marie Bianco, July 2019

Dr. Leighr,


Jasper and I wanted to express our sincere appreciation to you and your staff for the wonderful care you gave to Rocky, for all the calls you took and returned and the multiple visits we made regarding his condition. Thank you also for seeing him on such short notice and staying late when he was in pain and at the end of his life. You also did the same for us when we first moved to Kearney, we came home from work one evening and found Rosie (Rocky's sister) unable to walk. We called our veterinarian and got the answering machine, we did not know what to do and started calling around. When we called your office you actually answered the phone and told us to come in. After you examined Rosie you told us she was in really bad shape and would require a surgery on her spine that you wouldn't be able to perform but you would help us get an appointment at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Columbia where Rosie had emergency surgery that evening and stayed for a week to heal and do therapy. Rosie is still doing great thanks to your care and quick referral. If we would not have got in with you that evening and then referred that night to Columbia we believe Rosie would not be here today. This kind of treatment, care and compassion is RARE and is why we will always be LOYAL customers. We just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated and respected. You are truly a "SPECIAL" doctor who really cares about animals and their owners.



Jasper & Anna Marie Bianco


Kyle Whit, April 2018

We have been using Long Vet for 15 years and they have always taken great care of our animals. We recently had to put our beloved puppy to sleep and they were so great during the whole process and made us and Socks feel special and loved. They are great people! We also received a sympathy card in the mail today from the clinic..... it was very heartfelt and a class act in my book


Jennifer Duncan, July 2017

Dr.Leighr and his staff have taken care of our animals for years. Last year we almost lost one of our dogs and she spent four days in emergency care. Dr. Leighr took such great dare of her and personally called me, even late in the evening.  I think he must live at the clinic. I believe that he cares for our pets as much as we do!!! I highly recommend this clinic for anyone that needs veterinary care for their animals. 


Carrie Graham DeForest, July 2017

Dr. Leighr saw my dog after hours (8pm on a Thursday) and my dog isn't even a patient! While visiting family, my Shih Tzu mix suffered a blow to the head in a wiffleball game gone wrong and was vomiting and drooling incessantly. My sister called her vet and he agreed to meet us at the clinic. A few shots later (she was diagnosed with a concussion), she was on the road to recovery. I thought the bill was very reasonable, especially considering it was an emergency, after hours visit. He even contacted me a few hours later to see if she was doing better. If I lived in the area, this would be my vet! Thanks, Dr. Leighr!


Karen Seavey, April 2016

I have bringing all my animals here for the last several years. 2 cats and a dog. Dr Leighr is so thorough and takes time to examine each animal carefully and asks questions before deciding what is going on. Their prices are reasonable(I went to a clinic in Liberty with a well dog for vaccines and the quoted price was well over 400$. Longs did my dog AND two cats for under 300.)

The staff are friendly and helpful. I am so glad I found this clinic.

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