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Interested in working at Long Veterinary Clinic? Learn more about the history & values of our clinic from owner Dr. David Leighr & then find out more about each of our departments below. Check out our Indeed page to see our current openings! 



Veterinary Receptionists are the face of the clinic. They promptly and pleasantly greet patients and clients, making them feel welcome and accommodated. Veterinary Receptionists answer phones, schedule appointments, collect payments and file. They assist clients with their pets in and out of appointments. Veterinary Receptionists communicate client and patient information to the veterinarian or veterinary technician
to aid in patient care and adequate client communication.



Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants observe the behavior and condition of animals. They assist in providing routine preventative care and client education, along with emergency first aid. They prepare and assist in surgery, as well as take care of patients recovering from surgery. They perform a multitude of testing, along with blood draws and some injections. They clean and maintain the facility equipment and
maintain supplies. They also go along with the veterinarian and assist with ambulatory services and procedures.



Groomers clean, trim and style animals' fur, as well as clip or grind their nails and clean their ears. Extra fun things they do are toenail painting, adding in a bright color, and putting in an extension or feather in the fur. Groomers at times find underlying conditions uncovered by grooming. Our groomers can also tailor or recommend a service that would best suit each pet’s specific needs.

Grooming Assistants bathe dogs, blow dry and brush their fur, and provide care during their time in the salon. They clean and maintain the grooming facility equipment and maintain supplies. They also answer phones, schedule appointments, and collect payments.



Boarding and Daycare Staff are responsible for the supervision, control and management of our daycare dogs and assuring the safety of the play group. They are also in charge of the care of our boarding dogs. Additionally, Boarding and Daycare Staff are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the playroom, holding runs, kennels, and outdoor yards as well as other areas of the facility as assigned. Boarding
and Daycare Staff also give baths and assist clients in using our U-Wash tubs.

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