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This little spark of spunk came to us in January of 2018 as a little kitten. He loves to purr and knead as you hold him so he quickly became a clinic favorite. Because of his love to make biscuits, he was quickly named Pillsbury Doughboy. This little guy loves to play with toys, zoom around the clinic, and perch himself on the treatment table to ensure everyone is doing their job in a timely manner.



This little lady came to our clinic in 2019 when one of the employees was driving. She saw this little lady struggling on the side of the road to try and keep up with litter-mates and momma. Our employee picked her ip to keep her from getting killed on the roadway. Unfortunately, the kiddo had a fractured hip on arrival. But, during her recovery, she became best friends with our clinic cat Pillsbury. Every morning when they are let our of their kennels, they run up to meet one another and can be frequently caught snuggling together up front. 

red horse profile looking over fence outside



This pretty girl traveled all the way from Kentucky in 2014 to join the clinic. She can frequently be seen outside in one of the paddocks enjoying her day grazing; however, she does have a job here other than looking pretty. Scarlett was spayed before she came to our clinic, which allows us to give her hormones to falsify being in heat. We are able to use this opportunity to tease stallions when they come to our facility to be collected. This little lady works hard in the Spring with all the boys chasing her around, but during the rest of her time here, she is a big spoiled baby. She LOVES Christmas when she gets extra special treats!

gray and white french bulldog looking up in a grassy field



My name is Thor I am a French Bulldog. My birthdate is Dec 2015.  I enjoy any activity that has to do with a ball.  I also love feet, car rides, French fries, ice cream, and my favorite thing ever is my mom. That’s right: I’m a mommas boy!!!  I may be little but that doesn’t stop me from playing with the big dogs at daycare while my mom is at work.  My parents got me a little sister thinking I needed someone to play with.  I didn’t like the idea at first but she is starting to grow on me.  

gray and white french bulldog looking at camera with head tilted



My name is Amora I am a Blue French Bulldog. I was born in May of 2018.  I love anything that has to do with my big brother Thor. I follow him everywhere.  My parents tease me all the time that I am the ditzy sister that is pretty.  I don’t really have a favorite activity. If my brother is doing it, then so am I.  

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