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This little spark of spunk came to us in January of 2018 as a little kitten. He loves to purr and knead as you hold him so he quickly became a clinic favorite. Because of his love to make biscuits, he was quickly named Pillsbury Doughboy. This little guy loves to play with toys, zoom around the clinic, and perch himself on the treatment table to ensure everyone is doing their job in a timely manner.


This little lady came to our clinic in 2019 when one of the employees was driving. She saw this little lady struggling on the side of the road to try and keep up with litter-mates and momma. Our employee picked her ip to keep her from getting killed on the roadway. Unfortunately, the kiddo had a fractured hip on arrival. But, during her recovery, she became best friends with our clinic cat Pillsbury. Every morning when they are let our of their kennels, they run up to meet one another and can be frequently caught snuggling together up front.