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What is Long Veterinary Clinic? 

Long Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal practice located in Kearney, Missouri. The practice was bought by Dr. David Leighr in 2004, who brought new life to the facility by introducing new technology, equipment, services, and ideas. We offer comprehensive medical, surgical, and emergency services and are dedicated to providing the upmost care for our clients to ensure all needs are met in a timely fashion. Both Dr. Leighr and the staff regularly attend continuing education seminars, introduce new equipment, and add new services to provide the best care and options for our patients. Our doors at Long Veterinary Clinic are always open to new clients, and we welcome you to check out our facility.

The Legacy of Thomas & Woodrow Long 

Woodrow Long was a small businessman from Holt County, Missouri.  His father, Dr. Thomas Long, was a Veterinarian with offices in Mound City and Forest City, Missouri.  Dr. Thomas Long graduated from Western Veterinary College in 1905.  He taught Veterinary School at St. Joseph Veterinary College as well.  Dr. Long practiced nearly sixty years.  

Woodrow Long recounted many stories from his youth of his father’s life and times as a Country Veterinarian.  The stories inspired Dr. David Leighr, Woodrow Long’s grandson, to become a Country Veterinarian one day.  Dr. Leighr graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2000; nearly a century after his great grandfather.  Dr. David Leighr purchased Long Veterinary Clinic in Kearney, Missouri in 2004 as Woodrow Long’s legacy.  To further this legacy, Dr. Leighr offers the Woodrow Long Memorial Scholarship each year to high school seniors hoping to pursue a career in the veterinary field.

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