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Stay and Play Doggie Daycare

Stay and Play Doggie Daycare

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Monday-Friday: 7 AM-6 PM (Drop off & pick up from 7:30-5:30)

Saturday: 8 AM-5 PM (Drop off from 8:30-12 and pick up 8:30-4:30)

Sunday: Closed (Pick ups only from 3:30-4:30 PM)


Our boarding services provide safe, climate controlled kennels, free leash walking, and a free bath after 5 nights of boarding. Our extra boarding services include a kong peanut butter filled toy, extra walks, and daycare. We have 2 buildings full of runs that are 3'x8' and 3'x6'.

Our daycare services are compatible with both boarding and non boarding dogs. We have many packages available. We have both indoor and outdoor play areas with rubber mats and toys. Doggie Daycare offers the ability for your pets to not only burn energy, but also gain socialization skills. 

Please note deposits are now required for boarding reservations with a 48 hour cancellation window to be refunded. 

We require the following vaccines in order to board in our facility:


  • Intratrac 3 every 6 months

  • Influenza (3 rounds)

  • Distemper

  • Heartworm Test (2 years or older)

  • Rabies

  • Fecal every 6 months


Dogs in our daycare program that are at least 6 months old must be spayed/neutered.
A Giardia Test every 6 months is required for daycare.

Boarding Prices Per Night 


(Feline boarding includes free play within the cat room daily)



(Basic boarding includes two walks and two feedings per day)

<25 lbs: $20.40 (+ $1/day if clinic food is used)

26-60 lbs: $24.00 (+ $2.50/day if clinic food is used)

61-90 lbs: $28.00 (+ $4/day if clinic food is used)

>91 lbs: $31.50 (+ $5/day if clinic food is used)

Boarding Add Ons

Bath: $20

Nail Trim: $18 when available

Full Day Doggie Daycare: $16.50

Half Day Doggie Daycare: $12

2 Hours of Doggie Daycare: $6

Scent Game: $14.40

Belly Rub and Cuddle Time: $12.50

Extra Walk: $3.50

Kong: $6

Homemade Treat: $0.60

Pup Cup: $1.20

Doggie Daycare

Full Day (5 hours or more): $19

10 Full Day Package: $170 ($15 savings)

30 Full Day Package: $450 ($120 savings)

Half Day (less than 5 hours): $12

10 Half Day Package: $100 ($25 savings)

30 Half Day Package: $240 ($120 savings)

2 Hours with Boarding or Grooming: $6.00

Full Day Daycare with Grooming: $15


Hourly Doggie Daycare: $5

"The Active Pup"- $24/day

Half Day Doggie Daycare 

Scent Game 

Pup Cup 

Homemade Treat 


"The Senior Dog"- $15/day

30 Minute Massage 

Extra Walk 

Pup Cup 

Homemade Treat 

"The Calming Pup"- $12/day

30 Minute Belly Rub & Cuddle Time 

Calming Treats: Give as directed 

Pup Cup 

Homemade Treat 


**Please note that ALL prices are subject to change at any time**

We charge $5/day to administer medication to an animal.


When boarding, we also have an additional fee if clinic food is used. (No fee if food is brought in). 


Daycare Add Ons

Bath: $18

Kong: $2.50

Homemade Treat: $0.60

Pup Cup: $1.20

Calming CBD Treats-give as directed: $0.60

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